Garifuna Day Program
Honoring the Garifuna Heritage 214 years since the arrived in Roatan, Honduras from St Vincent April 9, 2011

10 am to 1:15 PM

Children Activity

Garifuna History Workshop

12 noon Servicing  Food

1:30 pm to 3:00 pm  Ceremony

Garifuna Church Band

Sis. Helen Martinez

We are Coming to this Place

MC  Master of Ceremony  -

Pastor  Eduardo Cordova

National Anthem   -  USA and Garifuna

 Opening Prayer

Scripture  Reading
English, Spanish and Garifuna

Garifuna Church  Band

Song of praise and thanksgiving

Welcoming Address: Pastor Celso Jaime


Garifuna History : Mr. Francisco Avila

St. Vincent : 
Guatemala, Labuga:  Mr . Roodorpho  Arana


Song: Labuga Iseni 

Dance Group



  Presentation by Special Guests:

Thanksgiving Prayer: Bishop Wilberto Olive

Song:  Galileo & Group

Note  Speaker: 

Song:  Galileo & Group

Dance  Group


Evangelical Garifuna Council Reflect:
Andrew Nunez, President

Other  performance/presentation

Song: Labuga Iseni

3:15 pm to 5:00 pm

Garifuna Words Contest

Introducing the sponsors  and  prizes

Introducing the Contestants and prizes


Prizes Presentation

Raffle A Queen Size Bed Comforter

5:15pm  to 6:30

more  performance/presentation

Singing and Dancing

Closing Remarks: 

Cleaning up